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About Us

This site is a collaborative effort by Brent Wilson and Sean Bonner. We are not politicians, pundits, hippies or liberals. We are a couple of friends who got pissed off and decided we couldn’t just sit idle watching anymore. There’s no hidden agenda and we’re not endorsing a candidate. As much as we aren’t Republicans we aren’t Democrats either, and it would take a million websites to point out the misdeeds of everyone who has ever held office. That’s not our goal. Our goal is to point out something wrong that is happening right now by people currently in office that the american public has the opportunity to do something about.

Americaforsale.org is not a news site, we provide links to archived stories on news sites, which provide current up to the minute news. This site is only an archive of recent history. There’s no opinion on this site. What you will find is real events, with real sources with the links to back them up. The sources we’ve cited include the FBI, the CIA, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Newsweek and the BBC. There is an incredible amount of both misinformation and misunderstanding out there, with this site we’re trying to correct that. This is not conspiracy theory, this is the news and it’s history in the making.

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Having auto insurance will be as significant as creating a driving license. Strict laws are actually built to be sure that each of the cars which are on the road get their plans. For the persons violating it need to deposit a high amount of money since the penalty....

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